What is Sheltowee Business Network?

The Sheltowee Business Network is part of the Sheltowee ecosystem and is an organization that helps innovative entrepreneurs raise the capital they need to grow their business. SBN is a network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who help innovative entrepreneurs bring amazing products and services to the market. Through our Sheltowee Advisory Services (SAS) program, we provide services that would normally be out of reach for most entrepreneurs because of the caliber of people in our network. The Sheltowee Business Network has developed a program that allows our advisors to take the risk with the entrepreneur, and reap rewards when we are successful.

The Sheltowee Business Network is for...



Working together to navigate raising capital

Raising the capital you need to grow your business is incredibly challenging. The Sheltowee Business Network is led by investors who have raised tens of millions of dollars for businesses. We understand fund raising, because we have done it.



We provide tools and information to help grow businesses...

Through the Sheltowee Foundation we offer free resources to help entrepreneurs start businesses and through the Konexons platform, we help entrepreneurs connect with needed resources. Our network of mentors and advisors can help save entrepreneurs lots of money and frustration.



Core Values

• Help others
• Always act with kindness, integrity and transparency
• Honor those who assume the risk
• Expect a financial return on your interactions in the network

We provide tools and resources to help entrepreneurs

In partnership with the Sheltowee Foundation, we provide tools and resources for entrepreneurs at all levels of experience. Through our free curriculum you can learn about starting your own business and getting to the point where you need the Sheltowee Business Network's services.

Through our foundation we offer free resources to entrepreneurs