What Sheltowee Does

Sheltowee is a non-traditional venture capital firm that invests in people with innovative technologies and ideas.  Sheltowee invests cash, but the real value of a Sheltowee investment comes from the participation of the Sheltowee team.  Sheltowee seeks concepts and projects where the Sheltowee team can have a strong impact on the valuation and potential success of the company.  If you have your business plan and are seeking capital and want a hands off investor, then Sheltowee is not the right investor for you.  The Sheltowee team takes an active role in the companies in which it invests. 

Experience Matters

The fabric of America is woven from individuals who have demonstrated the willingness to assume tremendous risks to accomplish things that most people would consider impossible. The very foundation of the country was built upon people who had a vision for what could be. They boarded ships, travelled great distances, faced tremendous perils upon arriving, yet pressed on and carved a civilization out of a wilderness. The explorers and visionaries of today are entrepreneurs. The very meaning of the word embodies who they are- the ones who assume the risk.

The Sheltowee team is committed to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit around the world through the investment of capital, time, know-how and resources.  Sheltowee has assisted many entrepreneurs and companies in the commercialization of technologies.  In the coming years Sheltowee will be commercializing cutting edge technologies that have the potential for major societal change.  Sheltowee will be concentrating in the areas of biotechnology, alternative energy and communications.  Sheltowee will continue to build a portfolio of companies and a global network of people, who are working together to implement technologies that will make the world a better place.  If you think you have a technology or an idea that could make a difference, submit it under the "Submit an Executive Summary".  We would love to hear your idea. 


  • VitaTech

  • LifeTrack

  • KNPF

  • KBP

  • Green Footprint Living

  • Outrider Organics

  • Office for the New Economy

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky

  • Peptide Therapeutics

  • Scout Diagnostics

  • International Energy Resources

  • AgriProteus

Origins of the Word "Sheltowee"

Sheltowee was the name given to Daniel Boone by the Shawnee Indians when he was adopted into their tribe.  The chief who adopted him thought he had broad shoulders and that he looked like a turtle.  The name actually means "big turtle".  Daniel Boone was truly an entrepreneur.  He assumed tremendous risks to open up a new territory and create a better life for his family.  Boone was respected by the Shawnee Indians for his tremendous skill and ability to survive and thrive in the wilderness, and conversely, Boone had great respect for the Shawnee and their way of life.  The team at Sheltowee LLC hopes to honor the legacy of Boone by charting pathways into new territory, while being respectful of other cultures as we do.