Sheltowee helps

Whether you are thinking about developing a new
mobile application, developing a new therapeutic protein,
or just starting an innovative project in your garage,
Sheltowee's team can help.

Sheltowee's advisory
services provide

Raising capital for your business can be challenging.
Sheltowee has helped raise tens of millions of dollars
and can provide invaluable assistance in your efforts
to grow your business.

Sheltowee helps
entrepreneurs in
renewable energy.

With the worlds energy demands increasing every
day, Sheltowee knows that innovative new
technologies have the potential to address this
growing issue

Sheltowee's Business in
in a Box helps start
new companies.

Sheltowee has invested in Business in a Box
to help new business owners
start and grow their business
with help from real entrepreneurs.

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At Sheltowee we are passionate about entrepreneurism.  We want to help entrepreneurs build great companies and accomplish great things.  We also want to help communities and universities provide meaningful resources to help entrepreneurs commercialize innovative new technologies.  We provide services to companies, communities and universities to help them conduct and promote business through technology commercialization.  Along with these services we also make investments in entrepreneurs and early stage companies.  Explore our site and learn more about how we can help you achieve your objectives


Looking for the Sheltowee Business Network? Click the button to right to be taken to the Sheltowee Business Network portal.

Clients Past and Present

The fabric of America is woven from individuals who have demonstrated the willingness to assume tremendous risks to accomplish things that most people would consider impossible. The very foundation of the country was built upon people who had a vision for what could be. They boarded ships, travelled great distances, faced tremendous perils upon arriving, yet pressed on and carved a civilization out of a wilderness. The explorers and visionaries of today are entrepreneurs. The very meaning of the word embodies who they are- the ones who assume the risk. 

The Sheltowee team is committed to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit around the world through the investment of capital, time, know-how and resources.  Sheltowee has assisted many entrepreneurs and companies in the commercialization of technologies.  In the coming years Sheltowee will be commercializing cutting edge technologies that have the potential for major societal change.  Sheltowee will continue to build a portfolio of companies and a global network of people, who are working together to implement technologies that will make the world a better place.  

What We Do

Sheltowee is committed to building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. We do this by providing assistance to entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  These stakeholders include universities, government agencies and economic development agencies.  Services to stakeholders include strategic planning, program development and advisory services.

Services for entrepreneurs include advisory services, investment, and specialized programs such as Business in a Box. Sheltowee is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Sheltowee is developing programs that can help individuals, even if they do not have the funds to pay for expensive service providers.

The History of Our Name

Sheltowee was the name that was given to Daniel Boone by the Shawnee Indians when he was adopted into the tribe in 1778 by Chief Blackfish.  Chief Blackfish thought that Daniel had broad shoulders and looked like a turtle, and the name Sheltowee means "big turtle".  Daniel Boone was a courageous American entrepreneur and frontiersman.  He blazed new trails into the wilderness and civilization followed him.  We at Sheltowee hope to live up to the legacy of our namesake and help to blaze new frontiers in science, technology, and entrepreneurism.