The Sheltowee Venture Fund II is part of the Sheltowee Network that is developing an ecosystem to build high impact companies. The Sheltowee Network LLC is a Limited Liability Company that holds all of the for profit pieces of the Sheltowee ecosystem.  Membership in the Sheltowee Network is by invitation only.  In 2020 the Angel Capital Group out of Knoxville, TN merged with the Sheltowee Network.  The Sheltowee Business Network LLC, the Sheltowee Angel Network LLC, and Sheltowee Ventures, LLC (the General Partner for the Sheltowee Venture Fund II, LP) are held by the Sheltowee Network, LLC.  The objective of the ecosystem is to accrue value to the Sheltowee Network, LLC and position the Sheltowee Network, LLC as a potential exit vehicle.  

The Sheltowee Ecosystem

The Origin of Sheltowee

Sheltowee was the name that was given to Daniel Boone by the Shawnee Indians when he was adopted into the tribe in 1778 by Chief Blackfish.  Chief Blackfish thought that Daniel had broad shoulders and looked like a turtle, and the name Sheltowee means "big turtle".  Daniel Boone was a courageous American entrepreneur and frontiersman.  He blazed new trails into the wilderness and civilization followed him.  We at Sheltowee hope to live up to the legacy of our namesake and help to blaze new frontiers in science, technology, and entrepreneurism.