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Your Solution for Digital Currency Investing

With the explosive growth of blockchain technology and digital assets like Bitcoin bursting onto the scene, investment in digital currencies as part of your personal financial portfolio is making more and more sense.

If you are considering digital assets as part of your investment strategy (and you should be), then consider investing in The Off Camber Fund, LP as a portion of your portfolio geared towards aggressive growth, with the risks that are associated with it.

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Off Camber Creative is your solution for investing in digital currency!

Contact us today to learn more about including managed digital assets in your portfolio!

 What Do We Do?

Off Camber Creative provides a unique and specialized trading platform for investment in digital currencies. Bitcoin and other digital currencies, built upon blockchain technology, represent one of the most important technological and financial innovations in our lifetimes, and they present an enormous opportunity for investors. However, trading in digital assets requires a steep learning curve, and small mistakes can be very costly. Off Camber can help you navigate this exciting new territory and partner with you to add digital currencies to your portfolio.

The portfolio managers at The Off Camber Fund have already climbed the learning curve, and have demonstrated strong returns that outperform Bitcoin.

Off Camber Creative specializes in identifying highly profitable investment opportunities in the rapidly growing world of digital currency. We offer Managed Accounts to qualified individuals and institutional investors.

The Off Camber team utilizes advanced trading strategies and algorithms optimize the returns on your investment. Past returns from applying these strategies have been consistently higher than those of investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other asset classes. In fact, these strategies have far outperformed even the staggering growth rate of Bitcoin.

A diversified investment portfolio may include investments in Bitcoin and other digital currencies alongside your other investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

For convenience, liquidity, and substantial profit potential in the rapidly growing sector of digital currency, consider investing in The Off Camber Fund, LP as a portion of your portfolio geared towards aggressive growth, with the risks that are associated with it.

 What are digital currencies?

Digital currencies are cryptographic tokens that exist on distributed computer networks. They allow anyone to freely exchange value and information without the need for third parties, facilitating peer to peer exchange without any central points of failure or control. The underlying technology that has made this possible is known as blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

The blockchain is a public ledger where all transactions and changes are grouped in blocks. Together these blocks form a chain, representing the complete history of the ledger. The blockchain consists of distributed computer networks, consisting of participants that verify, maintain and secure all transactions and changes made within the network. It is this decentralized verification system that enables the free transaction of value and information without a trusted third party like a bank or a notary.

 Why all the fuss about Bitcoin and other digital currencies?

Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are revolutionizing the finance industry and have caught the attention of Wall Street, governments, and major private and institutional investors. These technologies are still in their infancy and provide tremendous opportunity for profitable investing.

Ownership and security
The management and control of digital currency lies completely with the owner, totally independent from any bank or authority. The proven cryptographic technology and the decentralized nature of digital currency transactions ensure that they cannot be controlled or manipulated by any one party.

Low cost, fast and borderless transactions
Making payments using digital currency is faster and much less expensive than traditional payment solutions.

Store of value
Digital currencies are well suited as a store of value because they have a guaranteed and predictable supply which cannot be changed by any authority or central bank.



 Why we invest in digital currencies

The practical applications of blockchain and digital currencies are boundless. There have been billions of dollars invested in companies building new businesses and processes on top of these digital platforms in just the last year. However, we believe that there is more potential value in investing directly in the digital currency networks themselves as opposed to investing in these various companies. After all, every successful business built on top of a blockchain platform will add value to the entire network.

Developments are moving extremely fast and are constantly gaining more traction. We also expect an increased adoption of the different applications of blockchain and digital currency over time.

During times of economic crisis and uncertainty digital currencies tend to thrive. As an independent store of value, digital currencies can act as a good hedge against currency instability.

Digital currencies can be traded at any moment in time, the market never closes. This high degree of liquidity makes our digital currency portfolio highly flexible.

Diversification is an important aspect of a good investment strategy, as it spreads risk and reduces volatility. Digital currencies and related technologies offer diversification for any investment portfolio.

 Why invest with Off Camber Creative?

Investing in digital currency is still in its infancy and is therefore not well understood by most people. Because of our expertise we are capable to actively manage a diversified digital currency portfolio. We are primarily focused on long-term investment as we believe in blockchain technology and its potential for growth. We only invest in digital currencies that we think are likely to gain in value over time. This expectation is based on the fundamental and technical analysis we apply to each digital currency we invest in.

We study the digital currency market 24/7. Our work consists of doing fundamental and technical analysis, following trends and keeping up with all the latest developments, and utilizing our proprietary trading strategies and automation.

To protect the fund’s assets from unauthorized access, Off Camber employs the highest standards of security related to key/seed generation, wallet creation and management using various hardware and offline methods, key storage, and audited multi-sig key usage.

By actively managing a diversified portfolio, representing as many as a hundred digital currencies, we are able to effectively reduce the volatility often associated with digital currencies.

Our client and financial administration is executed and audited by an accredited accounting firm, constantly monitoring all the financial movements and total solvency of the fund.



Off Camber Creative is your solution for investing in digital currency!

Contact us today to learn more about including managed digital assets in your portfolio!

The Off Camber Fund, LP is a fund that trades in digital currencies.  There are significant risks associated with digital currency trading and any investor should educate themselves as to what those risks are.  If you are interested in learning more about The Off Camber Fund, LP, then please call 866-416-3928 or e-mail info@offcambercreative.com to be contacted by a representative and to determine if The Off Camber Fund may be a suitable investment vehicle for you.  Please note that this website is not an offer to sell a security.  An offer to sell a security can only be made through The Off Camber Fund's prospectus, and investors must meet suitability standards in order to receive a prospectus.