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Illegal Immigrants Are the Ultimate Entrepreneurs- And Will be the Salvation of the United States

Illegal Immigrants Are the Ultimate Entrepreneurs- And Will be the Salvation of the United States

Jun 29 2014

When I was a young man growing up in south Central Kentucky, I, like most of my family and neighbors, worked in the fields to earn money.  I hauled hay, worked in tobacco and helped work cattle.  This was, and still is, hard work.  Well today you don't see many Americans working in the fields.  Apparently as we have become more affluent, it is beneath a teen ager to work in the fields.  You now see immigrant workers in central Kentucky, which was something you never saw when I was growing up. 

When it comes to manual labor you are seeing this shift all around the United States.  People who have come to this country to do the work that we just won't do.  And the fact of the matter is that many of the people that come here, do so illegally.  Now I grew up about as conservative as you can get.  And I still strongly identify with conservative movements.  But on one topic I strongly disagree with many of my conservative brethren, and that is on the topic of immigration.  Where many of my conservative colleagues see this as an ill that will destroy our way of life, I see it as a feature that will save America.

America was built on immigration.  And had the native Americans had a codified legal system, I am quite sure that the immigration of western Europeans would have been illegal.  Now what the immigration did is provide a natural filter.  The people that came to this country had to be brave and courageous.  They had to set out across an ocean to a land they had never seen to start a new life. This natural filter is why we have become one of the greatest nations in history.  Those who were too lazy, or lacked the will to succeed did not make the attempt to immigrate, and for those few that did, they starved. 

Our country went through another natural filter.  And that filter was immigration to the west coast and California.  California is one of the biggest economies in the world and one of the greatest entrepreneurial cultures in the world.  This is because once people made it to America an became established, then those adventurers and people who wanted more, had to load their belongings into a wagon and travel for weeks, across some of the most rugged terrain in the world, to California.  This natural selection for individuals whose genetic makeup is conducive to taking risks and working hard, has built the United States of America into one of the most prosperous and productive countries ever to have been on the face of the earth.  But our own success is killing us.  It is destroying those features which made us great.  Now our leaders and politicians believe that individuals are entitled to certain things whether they want to work or not.  If you happen to be born into a culture of poverty, you are entitled to help from the government for being unlucky.  You are entitled to food, to healthcare, and today you are even entitled to a cell phone.  Now don't get me wrong, these are not comments designed to deflect responsibility.  I absolutely believe that as citizens of a country built on Judeo-Christian values that we are obligated to provide help for these people.  But the question becomes, how do we provide that help.  That is a conversation for another time. 

In the latter part of the 20th century and now during the early part of the 21st century, we now have another natural filter occurring that will have a long lasting impact on this country.  And that is illegal immigration.  While my conservative friends would have you think that all of the illegal immigrants that come to this country are merely coming here for handouts, I could not disagree more.  The illegal immigrants that come to this country do so at great peril to themselves and their loved ones.  They assume extreme risks to get here.  And when they do get here, they work their butts off.  They are hard workers and risk takers.  They are the ultimate entrepreneurs.  And this is the filter that will be the salvation of the United States.  The only way we will survive the complacency and apathy that is a result of our own prosperity, is if we inject our culture with the hard working risk takers that are willing to risk it all for a better life for their families. 

I absolutely believe that we need immigration reform.  It needs to be DIFFICULT for people to get into this country.  But the process should be designed to continue to provide that cultural filter that brings us the risk takers and hard workers that has made this country great.  And we should NEVER forget.  We are a country of immigrants, and we always will be. 


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